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at 9:00 am on august 10th, “taihua company’s work summary for the first half of 2018 and the work target and work focus meeting for the second half of the year” was held at the longjue banquet center for one day, shi’s chairman, general manager shen and the company’s deputy department level ( the above personnel participated in the meeting. the meeting was chaired by dai tao, the secretary of the board of directors. the meeting focused on the report of general manager shen, “completion of the work of taihua new materials and related subsidiaries in the first half of 2018 and the work objectives and priorities for the second half of the year”, and the head office and each business unit in the first half of each year. the completion of the financial indicators and the shortcomings of the financial indicators, the heads of the business leadership team of each business unit as the main business indicators of the business unit in the first half of the year and the main business indicators and work priorities for the second half of the year.

in the first half of this year, the world economic situation was complicated and changeable. sino-us trade frictions continued to escalate, coupled with strict environmental protection and energy consumption requirements, rising raw materials, and increased government efforts to rectify the industry. the management of the company is united and united. based on the platform of the listed company, under the correct leadership of the board of directors, through the hard work of all levels of management and the joint efforts of all employees, the company has completed the various work objectives and tasks formulated at the beginning of the year. the work objectives for the year laid a good foundation.

in the first half of the year, the operating income and net profit indicators of jiaxing district were all rising steadily, and exceeded the semi-annual target set at the beginning of the year; the government's environmental emission reduction and energy consumption reduction indicators were fully completed, and the project investment was vigorously promoted. with the customer structure and intensified assessment, the accounts receivable have been effectively controlled and controlled for half a year, and the cost and inventory have been effectively compressed. in the first half of the year, the interconnection work between erp and dyeing and finishing automation equipment was basically completed, and the data interconnection between equipment and information system was realized.

general manager shen pointed out that these achievements were hard-won, mainly due to the hard work of managers at all levels and benefited from the hard work of all colleagues. in this regard, on behalf of the company's management leadership team, mr. shen expressed his heartfelt gratitude and lofty respect to all colleagues.

(shen general manager's "taihua new materials and related subsidiaries work summary for the first half of 2018 and work objectives and key tasks for the second half of the year" report)

general manager shen stressed that from the current point of view, the company's work has achieved good results, the economic operation is relatively stable, the overall development of the company is in good shape, and all work progresses smoothly. however, while affirming the results, we must be soberly aware that there are still many difficulties and challenges in the current rapid development of the company. there are still many shortcomings in the work: there are still gaps in all aspects of the benchmarking companies in the global industry; need to speed up; the effectiveness and punctuality of new product development needs to be improved; the quality of new products and large-scale production needs to be accelerated; the cost of production, especially the control of quality costs, has room; the difficulty of recruiting and high turnover rate has not been solved; the quality of individual employees and the ability of middle-level management cadres need to be improved, and the care of individual cadres to employees needs to be further improved; the concept of safe production needs to be further strengthened. these problems require us to focus on solving them.

in the face of intricate tests, we must ensure that the company develops healthily in the right direction. we need to seriously summarize and continue to adhere to it. second, we must adhere to the enterprise spirit of “due diligence, efficiency, hard work, and harmony”. third, we must persist in relying wholeheartedly on employees. to run the enterprise, the enterprise development results benefit the employees' policy, give full play to the overall initiative and creativity of the leading cadres and all levels of the team at all levels, and transform the ideals and beliefs of all cadres and employees into the cohesiveness of the enterprise through the construction of enterprise value concept.

(chairman shi’s speech for the second half of the year)

at the end of the meeting, shi’s chairman made a speech. chairman shi first fully affirmed the achievements of the company in the first half of the year, and put forward four hopes and requirements: first, we must recognize the stability and stability of the situation, actively respond to difficult challenges, and second, we must seize the opportunity of the times and strengthen the whole industry. the core advantages of the chain, the third is to adhere to high standards and achieve high-quality development, and the fourth is to take comprehensive measures to accelerate the cultivation of high-quality talents.

the chairman of the board of directors gave instructions for the work in the second half of the year: "we must grasp the new situation, adapt to the new era, seize new opportunities, and achieve new development. we must maintain strategic patience and tactical strength, stabilize the pace, and strive for progress. seek new ideas, actively seek countermeasures, and strive to overcome the contradictions and problems on our way forward. all management cadres must establish confidence and determination to promote the market, have a high sense of responsibility and responsibility, and improve their effective execution capabilities. currently, china textile the development of the industry is facing new features, new changes and new requirements. i hope that all the management cadres present here can keep pace with the times, clear the direction, take up the responsibility on the shoulders, lead your team, continue to be pragmatic and innovative, and work hard to complete. the target mission of the year makes a positive contribution."

in the afternoon, the conference also held a group discussion of three business divisions. in response to the shortcomings of the first half of the year, we summarized 17 issues and discussed them in groups and shared results, and found practical solutions and measures to solve the problem. make a solid foundation.

the leaders of the company are full of hope for the work in the second half of the year. they have high hopes for all the colleagues in the company. in the face of the new normal, new development and new leap, all of our colleagues must have a high degree of unity of thinking, a highly stable team and a high pace. strengthen confidence, seize opportunities, maintain a high-spirited state of mind, use your mind to work, concentrate your strength on action, use your enthusiasm for implementation, take a new step in your work, and make new achievements. make a greater contribution to the full completion of the annual target tasks.