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editor:zhejiang taihua new materials co., ltd. │ release time:2018-06-30 

at 7 o'clock on the evening of june 30, in the dining area of the living area, the comfortable and fun parent-child activities, 26 pairs of families participated in the "company 2018 care for employees parent-child activities." interesting games, exciting competitions, and a wealth of prizes brought the participating families to life, and the audience on the spot gained laughter and fun.

since 2017, the company's activities have gradually increased. among them, the activities of parent-child activities are the most popular. the lovely children like the cheerful birds bring interesting interactive performances to the venue, which is pleasing to the eye, and the company that is usually busy at work. employees can also take the opportunity to accompany their children to the competition. watching their parents work hard and standardize the game, it is also a good example for the children. we hope that all the children of taihua employees will grow up vigorously and look forward to the next event.