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editor:zhejiang taihua new materials co., ltd. │ release time:2018-08-17 

no confession, no double seventh.

on august 17th, on the day of qixi festival, at the meihuazhou outdoor base, we held a tanabata confession.

the day of the event coincided with the arrival of typhoon day, and the location was temporarily changed indoors. although the sky is not beautiful, the location of the event is also uncomfortable because of the sultry heat. however, these did not affect everyone's enthusiasm. there were 33 workers participating in the event that day, and the atmosphere was quite warm.

although our workers come from different positions and different regions, there are some strangers and gaps between them. but at this tanabata confession, the guys and girls who participated in the event were driven by the atmosphere, and the heart window opened a little. in this sweet bubbling festival, we met more like-minded partners in our own business. meet each other and experience the instigation of the soul. if you have the other hand, it is best.

happy work and a happy life are about the pursuit of each of us. from the moment we joined the work, we eluted the childish and immature, and created a relatively rich life with labor. if we can hold the like-minded half on the road to success, it would be best.

we are even more eager to promote this wonderful thing. we are not the first time to organize such an event, and it is not just such a form. in the big family of taihua, we have many workers who have met their partners and established a happy family.

this year's tanabata event is over. we hope that more workers can find their own other half, and hope that dear workers can have a happy life in taiwan, work happily and enjoy a better life.