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editor:浙江台华新材料股份有限公司zhejiang taihua new materials co., ltd. │ release time:2018-08-19 

in the past two years, with the rapid development of the company, higher requirements have been placed on the quantity and quality of management personnel, especially the grassroots management personnel. based on this, the company has newly promoted a large number of managers in the past two years, and it is inevitable that there will be “catch the ducks”. in the case of “on the shelves”, the management staff's ability is uneven. many managers, especially the newly promoted grassroots managers, have not received systematic team management training, which is “small type” rather than “management type”. in order to improve this phenomenon, the human resources department has introduced an excellent external production management training institution, taiwan's chengcheng enterprise management, to set up an in-house special training class to conduct on-the-spot training and guidance.

on august 19th, in the multi-function hall of the dyeing factory, the first training course for the grassroots managers in 2018 was held for the promotion of grassroots cadres. there are a total of 53 participants, and the audience is full of talents. the training lecturer is a senior production management expert from taiwan, lin ganlin. from the three aspects, he will start from three aspects: first, what conditions should be established by grassroots cadres; the analysis and improvement methods for the inability of grassroots cadres to improve; third, the on-site management of grassroots cadres. through a variety of training forms such as case analysis, photo display, and video appreciation, mr. lin presents the original boring team management theory in front of everyone, so that everyone can learn how to be an excellent person in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. grassroots management cadres. through this training, the trainees learned a lot of team management knowledge and methods, and also got a deeper understanding of the role of the team leader. after the training, the participants internalized the content by writing the training experience and completing the “homework” arranged by the teacher, and planned to share and apply the management concepts and methods learned within the team so that the training can be truly land landing. by setting up team management ability to improve the form of the factory class, it is conducive to centralized teaching, and it is possible to concentrate more people in a short period of time to learn more complete and systematic management knowledge. the number of people is not limited, the unit cost is low, and it is an efficient one. the training method, of course, the quality of external training resources is the prerequisite for ensuring the training effect, and it is worth further promotion in the future.

author: liu ping shan editor: yu yafei