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editor:zhejiang taihua new materials co., ltd. │ release time:2018-10-26 

in order to meet the full external audit work of iso9001/14001:2015 at the end of november this year, and to verify whether the quality/environment management system established by the company meets the requirements of the new standard, whether the system operation has been correctly implemented and maintained, in the general manager and manager with the support of the representatives and the various factories and departments, the internal audit work of the company from october 25th to 26th was completed as scheduled according to the internal audit implementation plan.

judging from the situation reflected in the audit, all factories and departments can basically operate and control according to the requirements stipulated by the standards and system documents. the personnel at all levels have a clear understanding of the quality and environmental management system. the teams summarized the aspects of the better performance of each factory, mainly summarized as the tracking of the completion of the targets and indicators by various departments; the external audit at the end of the month to do all the preparatory work.

in short, through this audit, the company's quality and environmental management system can continue to operate effectively, and employees' quality awareness and environmental awareness are gradually improved. the ability to meet customer needs and manage important environmental factors is constantly strengthening, but there is still a lot of work. perfect, need to be improved. therefore, in our actual work, our departments must strictly follow the standards and company operating documents, strictly follow the requirements of the documents, and promptly propose changes when they are not applicable, so as to reduce the risks of various businesses, and at the same time, the external audit at the end of november. do all the preparations.

author: wang fang editor: yu yafei