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editor:zhejiang taihua new materials co., ltd. │ release time:2018-09-21 

another year of the mid-autumn festival, september 21st in the living area lighting stage, the 16th anniversary of taihua company and the mid-autumn festival party officially kicked off. tiangong was beautiful, and it took a whole day of light rain, but it was quietly collected before the opening. god seems to want to catch up with it. flowers, blessings, expectation, applause, cheers... gather here, pinpoint acacia, share reunion, and bring together the chinese people's good wishes to move forward.

the mid-autumn festival is a traditional festival, a day that means a bumper harvest in the year. in this happy month, the taiwanese children who have worked hard for one year ushered in the annual mid-autumn festival. the children gathered in taihua and worked hard. to create value, to create brilliance with sweat, we sang autumn harvest and autumn style in taihua with laughter and laughter. on september 21st, it was the first anniversary of the listing of taihua company. a year ago, it witnessed taihua’s achievement of a milestone in the history of development. one year later, we once again gathered together to celebrate the mid-autumn festival and share this development. today, the influence of taihua brand is gradually expanding in the industry. our production scale is expanding and we are facing greater development opportunities. the rapid growth of taihua cannot be separated from the wise decision of the chairman and the strong leadership of the general manager. at the same time, it is inseparable from the support of all colleagues. the continuous development of taihua in the predicament proves that it is precisely because of the ups and downs, the leadership continues to deepen the refined management, and the employees continue to carry forward the spirit of hard work. although the external environment is still severe and the economic downward pressure is still great, taihua still obtained new development opportunities have also solidified the foundation of taihua.

this year's mid-autumn festival theme is "mid-autumn festival, the same month, the same line, the love of taiwan, the sharing of reunion", whether it is the past, the present, or the future, grasping the pulse of the development of the times, is the endless development momentum, regardless of what kind of economic form is faced, only the internal and external repairs, with the determination to move forward in tandem, can achieve a gorgeous turn.

mid-autumn festival is the theme, homesickness and joy are intertwined. taihua company has 80% of its foreign employees. the employees from all over the world have met more like-minded friends in taihua, harvesting friendships and maintaining family ties with both hands. taihua also treats all employees with inclusive and long-term arms, constantly improves employee welfare construction, carries out a variety of cultural and recreational activities, builds another style of staff quarters, improves the working environment, and formulates better implementation. talent development plan. during the mid-autumn festival, all the taiwanese people embraced the determination of "clothing" and shared this round of the moon and the reunion.

this year's party stage is under the responsibility of a professional company, and the beautiful stage design adds a lot to the whole party. at the annual party, the company's chairman and general manager, no matter how busy, will rush to the scene to celebrate with all the same people, this year is no exception. the evening party program is also like a large entertainment meal, which is rich and interesting. the program mainly includes singing, dancing, essays, chorus, fashion show, etc. the programs have been carefully selected to highlight the atmosphere and celebration. the evening was kicked off by a martial arts flag performance "the victory of the flag". the performance of the professional actors instantly opened the atmosphere of the party. then the "my future is not a dream" sung by our staff sang the voice of the workers and united the power of the workers. then the beautiful dance went on the stage, "good time" mobilized the atmosphere of the party, let people greet the beautiful future with the happy rhythm; "red show", "community front alliance", "seaweed dance", beating youthful, "night rain light" feels the beauty of softness and charm of the netherlands; the fashion show "casual series" gives people a beautiful enjoyment; the essay "just meet you" lets us cherish the fate of the batch, "how do i look so good?" the dance is very interesting. the latin dance is amazing. in particular, the actors of this program are from the employees of taihua, and they are not inferior to professional actors. "family love" by 56 university interns commemorated the party. the whole party was full of excitement, and it was very busy and full of excitement.

in addition to a variety of entertainment programs, the evening was also interspersed with commendation of advanced and duolun draws, the winning rate reached 100%. the special prize to the third prize is drawn by the employee representative on the computer. the chairman and general manager of the company personally presented awards to the commendation personnel, and shook hands with the commendation personnel to take a group photo.

the hot party ended with a lot of good memories. “the enterprises here are famous, the employees here are like a family, and the life here is colorful...” the quoted foreign media once commented on taihua’s sentence. whether it is the annual mid-autumn festival party or other festivals, washing up the tiredness of life with laughter and laughter, and creating a better life with hard work, this is what we are looking forward to, and it is also followed by the taiwanese, "mid-autumn festival we are committed to creating a better future by cooperating with the desire to seek common development and share our dreams.