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taihua high-tech dyeing and finishing (jiaxing) co., ltd. completed higg index 3.0 field verification

the higg index is an online self-assessment tool developed by the us sustainable clothing alliance (sac) to provide a standardized measure of the environmental and social responsibility impact of the apparel, footwear and home textile industries. the sustainable apparel federation (sac) is an industry-wide organization of more than 200 leading apparel, footwear and textiles, retailers, suppliers, service providers and trade associations, ngos and academic institutions. to reduce the negative impact of global apparel textile weaving and sales on the ecological environment and society. sac released the higg index fem ( facility environment module) version 1.0 in 2012, the 2.0 version in 2013, and the 3.0 version at the end of 2017.

due to the company's business development needs, we participate in the higg index fem project. the factory environment module includes seven assessment areas: environmental management system (ems), energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, water consumption, wastewater/wastewater, exhaust emissions, and solids. waste management and chemical use and management. the higg index 3.0 online self-assessment was completed in june 2018. on august 22-23, 2018, the third-party organization bureau veritas (bv) conducted on-site verification and completed successfully. the on-site verification is a response to the sustainable development process of the factory. it aims to encourage the factory to “continue improvement”, enhance the positive impact of the factory on environmental and social responsibility, and strive for more business reputation and opportunities for our company.

author: yan feng yi editor: yu yafei