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editor:zhejiang taihua new materials co., ltd. │ release time:2018-02-26 

at 6 o'clock on the evening of february 26, in the training room on the second floor of the textile factory, the 2018 team leader mobilization meeting of the textile factory was presided over by the pottery factory.

the meeting arranged for the section chief of the weaving department, the maintenance and maintenance squad leader, and the shift squad leader for more than 60 people.

at the meeting, the shortcomings of 2017 will be explained. if the quality of the whole year is still not up to standard, there will still be loopholes in on-site process inspection. the efficiency of the loom will fluctuate greatly in different divisions and seasons, and environmental safety accidents will still occur. representatives from various departments arranged to explain the goals of 2018 one by one.

in 2018, if you want to invest more in your work with full enthusiasm, you must abandon the thinking of "no fifteen is the year" in your work, enter the working state as soon as possible, and consciously unify your thoughts and actions into the work objectives of the whole year. come up, we must be honest and pragmatic, work hard and work hard, focus on the company's targets and targets, work conscientiously, meticulously, down-to-earth, faithfully perform job duties, and advance with greater enthusiasm.

(correspondent: zhu yixin editor: yu yafei)