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adding jade powder which is cool feeling to fibers,the fibers have jade cool feeling and reach cool effect.the qmax of final fabric can be above 0.4 while matching fabric texture and dyeing & finishing.continuing cooling can be lower 1-2℃ comparing with regular yarn.

regular specs

70d/68f sd:

140d/136f sd

210d/192f sd

2、antibacterial yarn

metal oxides are used to adsorb bacteria or fungi on the surface and pemeate them so that their protein variation can be steril-ized and antibacterial.this effective component is added to the fiber for that the fiber has antibacterial and antibac-terial fiunction.the antibacterial active ingredients are not ag and contain no other heavy metals such as hg,pb and cr.the antibacterial effect was verified by the authority,and the anti-

bacterial rate of three strains of staphylococcus aureus,esche-richia coli and candida albicans reached 99% atfter 30 times of washing.

regular specs:

40d/34f fd

70d/48f fd

3、hygroscopic & sweat releasing yarn

increase the specific surface area of the fiber and the micro groove to achieve the function of rapid perspiration.moisture absorption and sweat releasing are different functions.the per-fect combination of the two is good.

regular specs:

40d/34f fd

70d/68f fd

90d/68f fd

160d/136f fd

4、recycled environment-friendly yarn

recycling is conducted by using nylon waste yarn,waste fabric and other methods to re-form nylon regeneration sections, which are then prepared into nylon regeneration environ-ment-friendly yarn through melt spinning,which is green,ener-gy-saving and emission reduction

regular specs:

70d/24f sd fdy

70d/48f fd fdy

200d/96f fd fdy

160d/96f fd aty

320d/192f fd aty

5、nylon mechanical stretchyarn(n400)

with the special molecular arangement structure of pa66 and the special process conditions,the high-elastic pa66 elastic yam can be prepared,which can make the fabric has a certain elasticity and truly realize the elastic effect thout spandex.

regular specs:

pa6620d/20f sd dty

pa66 40d/34f sd fd dty

pa66 75d/34f fd dty