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editor:zhejiang taihua new materials co., ltd. │ release time:2017-01-22 

the company visited several difficult families and expressed condolences

on the 21st of january, the head of the general affairs department, wang guoying, came to build the countryside to express condolences to the veteran cadres and the families in difficulty, and kindly asked them about the implementation of the wangdian town federation of trade unions. on the 22nd of january, the author followed the head of the general affairs department, wang guoying, to the tangqiao community to express condolences to the two families, and learned that one of the family’s fathers was lying in bed. the daughter did not work, the family had no financial resources, and the government relied on the monthly subsidies issued by the government. life was difficult. wang began to express sympathy for their situation and encouraged them to have confidence and sent a condolence payment. then we i came to the liberation community to express condolences to four families in need. each of them sent a condolence payment. among them were uremia and mental patients. wang kechang asked them to ask for help: "there is no hurdle, government and society." to help you, you must have confidence in your life, and you must also reflect your social value by your own hands."

as a local leading enterprise, we are also fulfilling our due social responsibilities, caring about the lives of residents in the town and helping the needy families. this fully reflects the company's responsibility as a responsible person.