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editor:zhejiang taihua new materials co., ltd. │ release time:2018-04-18 

at 3 pm on april 18, the leaders of the municipal party committee and his party came to our company to conduct grassroots research and visits. the chairman and relevant leaders accompanied and answered relevant questions. it is understood that this survey is mainly aimed at the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

at 2 pm on april 28 (saturday), the leaders of the district government office, the district economic information and commerce bureau, the district environmental protection bureau, the district housing and urban-rural construction bureau, the district planning branch, the district safety supervision bureau, and the district land and resources bureau came to our company. coordinate the reporting of major industrial projects in the province.

since the beginning of the spring, the company's new projects have sprung up. the support of the government and various partners has promoted the vigorous development of the project and revived the vitality of enterprise development. it also confirmed the speed and investment of our company in promoting transformation and upgrading. in the industry, we have won the reputation of customers at home and abroad with the characteristics of “fast speed, excellent quality and good service”, and we are striving to be ahead of the industry in the investment and decision-making of enterprise transformation and upgrading.